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Maine Things Considered radio story about documentary There is My Home

Maine Things Considered's Tom Porter produced a radio story about our documentary, There Is My Home: Somali Bantu Farmers of Lewiston. To listen Click Here.

Original Broadcast Date: April 1, 2011
Total running time: 5 minutes, 34 seconds


Broadcast Premiere of our documentary: There Is My Home – Somali Bantu Farmers of Maine

There Is My Home is scheduled to air on MPBN (Maine Public Television) on Thursday, June 30th at 8:30 PM with an encore presentation on Saturday, July 2nd at 11 AM. Check your local listings.


The Somali Bantu farmers of Fresh Start Farms

Single Somali-Bantu Mothers Farm in Maine (Extended Version) from Amy Brown

When many Somali-Bantu families resettle in the United States, men in polygamous marriages must choose one wife, due to U.S. marriage laws. This means second and third wives are left struggling to support their children in a new country where they have few marketable skills.
In a resettlement community in Lewiston, Maine, a community of single mothers with as many as ten children supplement their meager income by farming the rural land.
This 13 minute film premiered at Frontier Screening Room last Monday.


Maine Watch Video revisits Somali Community of Maine ten years after the arrival of the first immigrants

Watch Maine Watch video by clicking here and scroll down to video player Picture 2.png
Maine Watch with Jennifer Rooks revisits Lewiston’s Somali refugee community ten years after the arrival of the first immigrants.
Fatuma Hussein, a leader in the Somali community as well as mom joins Jennifer in the studio along with Stephen Wessler, who is Executive Director of the Center for the Prevention of Hate Violence and Phil Nadeau, Deputy City Administrator for the City of Lewiston.
They discuss what’s been learned, what still needs to happen and what can Lewiston teach other communities with large refugee populations.


Lewiston, Maine’s Somali Community Turns 10

Susan Sharon revisits Lewiston, Maine’s Somali refugee community ten years after the arrival of the first immigrants.