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About a month ago I had an intense craving for brownies. On a Skype call I mentioned this to my mother. Two weeks after my birthday, a week after the U.S. Postal service promised their prompt delivery, I received a box containing a smattering of chocolate products AND serious Rwandan contraband in the form of plastic bags.
A blog about Rwanda is not complete without a mention of umaganda day and Rwanda's ban on plastic bags. So here I go.
I said it before. I'll say it again. Plastic bags are illegal here. You won't see any, unless of course you come to my home. My parents had no idea that Rwanda has created this ban. The ban is an effort on the part of the government to keep streets clean and to keep landfills free of the non-biodegradable petroleum product. And Rwanda is impressively clean. But not for long, thanks to my mom and dad who loaded my care package with almost as many zip lock bags and cellophane as there were brownies.
There was far too many chocolate products for one mouth to handle. So I brought the box to the university. I know very few Rwandans who like sweets. But my students are the exception to the rule. Within 30 minutes, word had spread to my class of 23 that "bread" was here for the taking.
"Ngwino urye ku migati."
Come eat some bread. Chocolate bread. My favorite kind.
Within 31 minutes, the brownies were going...

brownie gone.JPG

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