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I ride the Volcano bus between Butare and Kigali a lot. This two hour journey takes me past beautiful terraced hillsides, usually at sunset. It's a pretty ride. And I always welcome the opportunity to read my book without distraction while the lovely landscape passes by. However, the wrong seat on the bus can detract from this visual beauty and the overall bus riding experience. My legs are long and my luggage load excessive. I frequently have to stack my camera backpack on my lap with my computer and clothes bags wedged under my feet. By the end of a trip seated in the WRONG seat, I am crampy and cranky.
In a quest for prime bus real estate, I have consulted with fellow travelers to determine the top three seats to make my bus ride a pleasant one.
#1. Shotgun seat
A. Ample leg room
B. Windshield AND side window views.
C. With a seat to yourself, there is no danger that the person sitting next to you who is strickened with motion sickness will "share" her regurgitated lunch with you.
D. You have your very own escape route door, should the bus catch fire.
#2. The seat behind the driver, next to window
A. Moderate amount of leg room.
B. Luggage storage space under your seat.
C. Large window escape route should the bus catch fire.
#3. The seat at the back of the bus, behind the driver, next to the window.
A. Moderate amount of leg room
B. No one will climb over you during the frequent stops.
C. Large window escape route shold the bus catch fire.

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