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My dark colored dots

My dark colored dots from on Vimeo.

Yesterday I was at the old Huye Market doing some reporting for a story. As my translator extraordinaire was off negotiating whether or not a cassava farmer would grant us an interview, I entertained myself with a young man, I first thought was a traveling liquor salesman. It turns out I was close. In fact he was selling "medicine." In his plastic tub he carried several bottles that once contained wine and waragi but were now filled with an elixir to alleviate stomach pain. He took one look at me and immediately diagnosed my problem.
He handed me three plastic packets filled with eggshell colored powder.
"For your dark colored dots," a woman next to me translated.
"To erase them?" I asked.
He nodded.
He recommended three packets at 5000Rwf ($8) each. He had only seen the freckles on my arms at that point.
Once I tried to count all my freckles. I lost my place somewhere between 738 and 839. Rather than start over, I gave up. Needless to say I have many and it would cost more than 15,000Rwf to erase them.
I offered my Pharmaceutical Salesman friend an alternative which you can see here:

An introduction to sunscreen from on Vimeo.

I prefer to protect my "dark colored dots" from the sun with sunscreen.

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