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Saying goodbyes

AMy & Jschool kids.jpg
Me with some of the students we've been following

I don't know how many times I took the Volcano bus back and forth between Kigali and Butare over the course of the last six weeks. After I return home to the States I will go through all my receipts to get the total tally. Whatever the number, I could now drive the route blindfolded.

Last Thursday we took our final trip from Kigali to Butare to visit the National University and to say good bye to the journalism students we've been following for the last six weeks.

The relationships we built with the students has been one of the highlights of the trip and I look forward to seeing how their careers progress.

Tolino & Amy.jpg
I stand outside a classroom at the journalism school with a 2nd year radio broadcast student

Kibuye students.jpg
two 4th year broadcast journalism students reporting on Lake Kivu in Kibuye


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